LoopSurvey for Mobile Workforce is a productivity and management platform for companies big and small.

For field team

LoopSurvey for Mobile Workforce boosts field productivity by giving employees access to tasks, forms and schedules.

  • Submit rich media field reports
  • Complete tasks, forms and rollups
  • Track and update issues
  • Schedule work
  • Connect with managers and HQ

For home office

Enable, control, and manage your organization’s ability to use LoopSurvey for your various business needs - surveys and forms, task management, reporting, and more.

  • Send communication with accountability
  • Collect data, roll up and report in real time
  • Assign tasks across the organization
  • Receive notifications and alerts
  • Customize roles and permissions

Built for retail.

Retail operations are complex. Timely communication and transparent information flow is critical to success.

Human Resources
Field Managers
Internal Audit
Loss Prevention

Home Office can communicate and report more effectively. Less time spent manually compiling information, hunting down status from Districts and Stores, and reporting to Executive Leadership.

DMs work more effectively and move thru audits faster. Less time spent to “recall” previous visits, track down issues, and report up the chain.

Store Leaders work more effectively and move thru key tasks faster. Less time spent tracking down issues, deadlines, and communicating status to Field and Home Office.

Increased visibility and transparency drives better compliance, faster response times, store quality, and financial metrics like sales, shrink, and expense control.

Key Features


All you need are web browsers and mobile devices.

Device Friendly

Runs on iPad, iPhone, & Android mobile devices, laptops, and desktops.


Fits to your business and the way you want to get and share information.

Get The Picture

Verify issues and brand displays with photos captured in real time.


Instant reports that are easy to filter by location, time, and other criteria.


Setup rules so the right people get notified right away.


Latest industry standard encryption and individually controlled access.


Rich native mobile apps let the Field do their job anytime anywhere.


Easy to make changes and add “hot button” topics right away.


Instant visibility into key activities across Stores & the Field.

Location Aware

Know exactly where and when information is coming from.


Ongoing updates and help when your team needs it.

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